Flights Adelaide, Dubai, Cape Town

During the first flight there was a medical emergency near me when a lady passed out. She was ok, a nurse was sitting nearby and checked her out. She had low blood pressure. 

Another passenger was also locked in the toilet and the Emirates hostesses had to essentially rip the door down. 

The flight was 12 hours long, way too long for my liking. Food was nice though, can’t remember what it was. 

Bought a coffee at Dubai airport on Visa card as I didn’t want to get local currency as change. Checked my back statement and it ended up being about $6AU. 

I also went to a currency exchange place to change my USA and ZA currency into smaller bills, they obliged with no fuss. I would recommend this at Dubai airport as there are a lot of currency places as it is huge. There was no cost to split into smaller bills. 

Spent about $18AU on a shower at the GForce gym. This was money well spent. The cubicles were a little small, however it was really nice to have a hot shower after the 12 hour flight. 

The second flight was better and was ‘only’ 9 hours. Which I thought would be a walk in the park, it wasn’t. Felt like it took forever. The Emirates service on both flights was excellent as usual.