Table Mountain and Lions Head

I woke up early and had a pod coffee and then headed down to Cape Town city to find a nice breakfast place. I found RCaffe which was really amazing. I asked for the ‘Farmers Breakfast’ which didn’t look anything like. Breakfast that a farmer would eat. 

After that I grabbed a take away coffee from a church and the found the hop on hop off bus. I don’t normally like using these but I am a tourist after all. 

I bought the bus ticket and the cable car ticket and then jumped on the bus. We then went up to the lower station. The line was quite short and it didn’t take that long to head up to the top. Well what an amazing view! 

I spent some time walking around and taking photos on the top then headers to the cafe and grabbed a beer. Probably shouldn’t have done that as I’d decided to then head back down to walk Lions Head as I heard it would be a highlight. I also knew it would be. Thought walk, but boy it was definitely tough!

If you’re doing the walk being probably about 2 litres of water. It was 27 degrees when I did it and also in the middle of the day, so to say the least I was hot. I was rationing my water a bit and when I got near the top a pommie bloke offered up some of his water which was ver helpful. I would also suggest not to bring too much stuff and you will get dusty! It was hot when I did it though. 

About a couple of hundred metres from the top I nearly gave in but eventually o made it. Well what a view! Definitely worth it, but a really really tough climb. Here are a few pictures: 

At the end of the walk I smashed another litre of water and the grabbed a cab back to the red bus stop. The cab driver probably ripped me off but I didn’t care at this point. I then went down to the beach and grabbed a burger and a couple of beers. 

On the way back to the hotel I got hassled a bit by some locals. It seems their tactic for money is to tell people that they cannot go on certain sides of the road and the try to ‘help’ you cross the road. Well I had none of that. 

I then headed back to the apartment and smashed a couple of glasses of wine by the pool. Definitely deserved it after walking. 18000 steps and going up 36 floors, but to be honest that probably doesn’t do it justice.