Cape Town Day Two

Checked out of apartment at 10am. 

Caught an uber to the waterfront which cost about $3US. 

Had a couple of coffees and took a few photos. 

Bought lip balm after getting sunburnt after walking up lions head. 

Had lunch at the pig place in the VA Waterfront. Had the ribs and some chips. 

The tour that I had booked for Robbin island was cancelled due to bad weather, so instead I did the blue tour which was a long bus ride all the way around the cape. 

After that I went back to the apartment and grabbed my gear and jumped into another uber which cost about 2$US. Then checked in at the hostel and then met up with the guys on the tour for the meeting. 

After the meeting me, my room mate and a bloke from NZ called dion went and grabbed some dinner at Arnold’s. I ate springbok shank which was brilliant. It was quite an expensive restaurant and the total meal was 1000Rand.