UX and Web Design Graduate Work

I’ve currently been undertaking a UX and Web Design postgraduate certificate at Torrens University.

During this time I have worked through a number of scenarios for both fictional and real life clients. During the four courses we have worked through many examples of creating pitches and proposals for customers. For this particular semester I created a proposal for a tradesman and a second proposal for a community radio station. The proposals required us to think laterally and design a pitch for the customer based on their requirements. This could include hosting information, domain purchasing, installation of open source content management systems and other activities.

My first client was a lawn mowing company. From their requirements I suggested to them that I could create a web presence for under $5000 which would enable them to take contacts from clients, have a domain name, have a modern looking website and also information for which customers can contact to make bookings. I also provided them with a potential budget and timeline for the proposal.

The second client was a not for profit radio station whose business requirement was to migrate from an existing proprietary CMS to an open source CMS. I proposed that they utilise the open source WordPress CMS package and a number of free and paid plugins which will provide them with this functionality. Ultimately I provided a proposal for which would allow them to also have information and analytics for their marketing department. This would utilise google analytics. I also suggested a number of SEO options to ensure that their site was easily discoverable on the internet.

See attached screenshots of my proposals:

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Adelaide Wanderers Soccer Club Website

Implementation of WordPress for the Adelaide Wanderers Soccer Club.

A number of years ago I created a WordPress site for a soccer club in Adelaide. The website utilised a number of simple plugins which provided players and members to contact the administrators of the club. They also required the ability for some members to update match statistics and match reports. To achieve this I created a number of different types of users who had limited access to create sites within the CMS. Specifically each team manager was allowed to submit match reports under their team’s grade. This then flowed through to the main website’s menu system.

We also had a number of static page that the editors could modify as they saw fit. This included informational pages such as sponsors, contacts, email, team managers, and other details. I also arrange the purchasing of a domain name and due to the small number of users I hosted this site on my own shared hosting.

Ultimately the Adelaide Wanderers Soccer Club folded due to not enough members, however this was my first web site creation and provided me with a basis for my future web sites.

Government Secure Email Project

Technical officer work when implementing secure email at Federal Government agency

While working at a Federal Government agency in Canberra I was tasked with assisting with the implementation of the AGIMO Secure Email standards. This involved taking the existing email processes and add-ins within the department and highlighting where changes were required to be made due to the new AGIMO standards.

I started working through the requirements and then worked through the implementation process. We utilised the an agile form of development which included a structured 2 weekly sprint program where a number of items were required to be completed within the 2 week window. This process worked quite well especially considering the team members were spread out geographically across Australia.

Ultimately the secure email program of work was implemented as required as per the government standards and the newly installed routing and rules engines were tested by the ANAO. The outcome of the project was a positive success and we were commended and asked to assist in other government departments on their secure email roll out.

Systems Officer on Cruise Ships

For 2 years I was a Computer Officer working on some of the biggest ships in the world.

I have previously worked as the Systems Manager onboard some of the largest cruise ships in the world. I was the only computer manager onboard and it was my responsibility to keep all computing systems up and running with support from Princess Cruises head office in Los Angeles, USA. I dealt with an extremely wide range of systems everything from POS systems, Servers, Desktops, User training, hardware troubleshooting, software troubleshooting, networking issues, hardware rollouts. As we were often at sea and not near a port I had to also adapt to varying situations, in these situations I was also called upon to help fix ATMs, Video Surveillance Devices, Currency Exchangers, Ships Safety Management Systems plus others.

In addition to my IT tasks, I was also responsible for the check-in process when we would embark 2500 new passengers in the space of 5 hours. I was also in charge of 80 people who, in an emergency, were tasked with passenger assistance. These 80 people were of approximately 15 different nationalities and were required to ensure they were trained appropriately in the onboard safety management system.

IBM Case Manager and P8 Deployment

I have recently be responsible for a installation and deployment of the IBM Case Manager system.

The business team required a new system to manage workflows between systems and users. To achieve this we utilised the p8 IBM Case Manager system. The system itself manages a number of processes for which I cannot explain due to clearance, however the system itself is extremely robust and easy to configure. This is different to the previous systems which I have configured specifically SAP CRM. While SAP CRM is extremely flexible and can be configured to process pretty much any business process, the difficulty and complexity of configuring the system makes implementation costly and time consuming. This in contrast to the IBM Case Manager system was totally different. Utilising the Case Manager system we were able to configure a cloud based system which was then deployed into a production system within 8 weeks. This would absolutely be unheard of for a government department.

The system itself has some amazing features including a simple roles and workflow system where configurations can be made by simply dragging and dropping processes and procedures from one role to another. During our implementation I would say that approximately 5% of the overall effort was related to actual coding and development, whereas configuration accounted for 95%. For a SAP CRM installation the opposite of this would be almost true, with a lot of BADi’s being required to manage any processes in SAP CRM.

See below a screenshot of the Case Step Designer workflow graphical user interface:

WordPress Fresh 92.7 Website Implementation

I was asked to build a new a modern version of the Fresh 92.7 website. This included changing the CMS from a proprietary system to WordPress.

To achieve this I purchased a theme from a Themeforest developer and then set about managing all of the existing content and requirements that the customer had identified. The number of requirements was vast and as such I worked through this list of requirements in priority order. The most important was to have a music stream that people can utilise from their desktops or mobile phones. Luckily the web stream was located else where and all I had to do was utilise the URL.

I also included show pages, competitions, galleries, playlists, bios, tracklists, program guide and other requirements. There was also a big requirement to have advertising available on the website. Due to the fact that the community radio station can only broadcast 5 minutes of advertising each our, it was a requirement to sell advertising on the website. As a result we utilise ad blocks and placed them in certain widget areas. This then allowed for the marketing team to manage their own ad placements.

In addition to the marketing teams responsibilities there were a number of different people who were able to modify their own pages and content. These groups of users were then provided the ability to either change content, create new content, or delete. In addition to this a number of users had to have their content approved by the content manager. To achieve this I utilised a content management pluging which managed the security of the site. Due to the more difficult security requirements this was needed to the basic WordPress security being quite limited.

The utilisation of WordPress was quite important for the organisation and it is current still in progress today. Click here to go to the Fresh 92.7 website